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Lifestyle medicine focuses on discovering – and remedying – the root causes and drivers of poor health. It treats the illness, and not just the visible symptoms. I approach everyone’s health with a light touch so that my clients don’t feel shame, guilt or judgement as they work to improve their health.

Lifestyle medicine centers around:

Quality Nutrition


A predominantly whole food, plant-based lifestyle full of vegetables, fruit, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds is recommended. While this approach to eating isn’t right for everyone, we can make small changes to improve your overall nutrition.

Stress Management

Stress Management

Identifying coping mechanisms and reduction techniques can lead to improved well-being. It can also improve your immune system’s function, control your weight, help you sleep better and even improve your mood.

Regular Exercise
Ample Sleep


Physical activity on a consistent, daily basis is essential to achieving your best health. It improves cardiovascular function and can help you maintain a healthy weight that protects you from chronic disease and some cancers. 


Improper sleep affects your immune system — and it can even affect your diet. It’s important to not only get enough rest each day, but to also make sure that it’s high-quality. 

Substance Avoidance
Healthy Relationships

Substance Use

Addictive substances can wreak havoc on your health, and the function of your body. Cessation of tobacco and limited intake of alcohol is preferred.


Social connectedness is essential. Loving and supportive relationships within your home and community have been proven to improve your overall health.


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